Southern Rails

February 7 & 8, 2014
Pine Mountain, Georgia

Formerly know as Narrow Gauge Railway Day, Southern Rails is a meet with a southern flavor. We love our trains and the hospitality of the south. We hope to allow you to come share, learn, laugh, buy, sell and generally have a great time. We want everyone to feel welcome and join in the fun. So here are the basics;

Who? Rail enthusiasts from the South, for more see
about us.

What? A meet similar to others that allows you to meet, greet and learn, share and otherwise immerse yourself in railroading. See the
highlights page.

When? February 7 & 8, 2014 see the
schedule page for more.

Where? Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain Georgia

Why? One day our group was lamenting the lack of good shows in the South. Well, we thought somebody should, so one of us did and here we are. Besides you can’t have too much fun.

UPDATE Tom Yorke is coming and sharing his Funeral Home. Fred Stilwell will be showing us how to 3D print using technology from the classroom.

Unfortunately Larry Smith will not be presenting, family loss, our prayers are with them.

See highlights page for more.

If you have something to share, show, sell that will add to the experience bring it. If it is bigger than two hands full let us know and we will make a spot for it.

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